The 600mg tincture worked very well for my mom. Only three days in and her pain from fibromyalgia is almost totally gone! I will definitely be purchasing more.

Stephanie T.

Oh these are delicious!!! & no aftertaste! I even started feeling more relaxed before I had to drip the second time. I love the watermelon, it's almost floral even. Very good & clean liquid! Thank you!


I gave my friend who suffers from Fibromyalgia a dropper of your tincture - she had immediate relief and could not believe it!


I like to work out and found that ShangriLa CBD really helps with my soreness and recovery time.


Natural, Full-Spectrum Tincture (600mg CBD)

Made with 100% Certified, Organic Non-GMO Hemp for sublingual use.

CBD Vape Juice

0041 $45.00$75.00 $30.00$50.00

99% Pure CBD Crystals

0051 $35.00$80.00 $20.00$60.00


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